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fake text messages

Falsify sender numbers of texts anonym and easy!

Jayden writes a fake text message with the mobile number of William, because William is very shy.

Hey Sophie, I'm so in love with you! Love Oliver

Abigail reads the fake text and is happy.

:-) Let's meet for a coffee or something?

Fake text messages anonym of any phone number

Recently, you can not just anonymously send text messages over the Internet, but even act as someone else,without the recipient's knowledge.

You can choose both the mobile number of the recipient, as well as the phone number of the alleged sender. The person who receives the message, does not realize that it was sent by someone else and believes that it is derived directly from the mobile phone specified as the sender.

Fake Texts

We offer the option of online short messages (SMS) with self-created sender numbers. The text-message will then be seen on the entered sender phone number.


We want to show how easy it can be to send fake text messages. It looks like it was created by the sender himself. Be careful when a fake text message is the trigger for differences and fights. There can always be a third party behind!

How to fake a text message?

In order to fake text messages you need Codes. Simply purchase these on our Website. Enter a valid email address and password. The fake texts Codes will be sent to you immediately. With a selected password, you can request your fake texts every time.

In detail

The fake sender can be any number or name, there are no limits. Through the international country code - eg. 001 for USA/Canada - it is possible to send the fake texts worldwide. In general, your text messages will be received within a few seconds - start fake text message!


Our fake text service wants to clarify. The Users are responsible by themselves for all resulting damages. Please take care when you send fake text messages.

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